A somewhat random and funny thing happened to me this morning. I was driving to work and decelerating down the off ramp near the office. When turning right, the end of the ramp merges with the flow of traffic without a stop light or sign. Before reaching the end of the ramp, there was a small SUV completely stopped in the middle of the road. There weren't any obstacles in front of the car, that I could tell, and soon the rear lights of the car kept shifting from brake lights to reverse lights to normal lights. I sat there quite confused and then noticed the driver's door opening and a petite lady motioned me to come forward. I drove forward and rolled down my window—it was clear she didn't know how to roll down hers, hence the opening of the door to talk to me while she was still buckled in. In a very thick European accent she exclaimed that she only knew how to drive a manual and had no idea how to get her rental (from Washington), an automatic, out of neutral. I told her she needed to put it into drive… the big D. The graciously thanked me and we both went on our way. I'm still trying to figure out how she managed to get to the middle of the off ramp without this crucial piece of information.

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