I know what you're thinking: "fantod" can't be a real word. It must be made up. Well, it's not. A fantod is an outpouring of anger, outrage or similar emotion. The reason for our February fantods? Because this was getting a little ridiculous. Why 2012, why must you be such a mean girl?

Now of course the beginning of the month started out alright, like all months do as you mentally psych yourself into thinking that this month will be better than the last one. After all, January set the bar pretty low, so it should be easy to top.

The first weekend in February my company had a conference downtown at the Salt Palace for three days for all of our representatives from all over the world. The first day was long and the days following only got longer. The latter few days I stayed in a hotel downtown away from my husbandry and they were absolutely exhausting—but we managed to get a few laughs in at the photobooth.

The day of the superbowl Tyler and I spent it at his parents' house. We still didn't have a car at the time so I drove my car home and he brought his parents' suburban home for the millionth time to borrow for the beginning of the week. While on the way home I was caught speeding and was pulled over for the second time in my life. Yeah, how awesome is that…

The next weekend was my adorable little nephew's birthday party themed with trains galore. My sister did an amazing job with all the train activities for the kiddies. I had offered to make the decorations and the cake for the little shindig. Tyler and I got a little ambitious with the cake and ended up pulling an all-nighter for the event.

It was exhausting, but we felt like it was worth it. It was completely validated when we crossed the threshold to the kitchen: Duncan took one look at it and exclaimed, "WOW, WOW, WOW, WOW-WOW!"

Later that day my Mom had a little luncheon planned with the one teacher that three out of the four girls in my family had in elementary school. It was cool to catch up, but Tyler and I were still super tired.

The week before Valentine's day took a pretty crappy toll on my body physically. I was nauseous, lightheaded and completely winded after walking from the bathroom to the kitchen. Everyone at work kept asking if I was pregnant, but I knew that wasn't it. The day of Valentine's day came and my lower back was hurting ever so painfully. Someone mentioned that it could be a kidney infection, but I didn't really take it into consideration. Tyler took me to lunch for our very first V-day to Rhumbi. I had no appetite and I even took a nap in the suburban before going back to work.

That night Tyler had a lab that went the full three hours and I was under three blankets shivering on the couch. I could not get warm and I felt like the ultimate crap. Tyler finally got home and was quite concerned at the state I was in, he took my temperature… 103! Our neighbor came down and he and Tyler gave me a blessing. 

Afterwards, Tyler loaded me up into the car and drove ever so slowly to the ER because even the slightest bump made me want to upchuck the minimal remnants in my stomach. We spent the rest of the night there with different IVs, my first urine test and a bit of a sloppy blood-taking nurse, only to be told that it was, in fact, a kidney infection.

The rest of the week was spent at home, in bed on painkillers and antibiotics. At the end of the week we exchanged our much overdue Valentine's gifts. Tyler got me a-sketch-a-day book and Wario's Woods for Super Nintendo. I got him a message in a bottle and an oreo drawing for his desk.

The month did have a high event: my cousin's family had a whole fundraiser put on for them called Fishes for Morrow Wishes. Two of her five children were born with a form of bubble boy disease called Leaky SCIDs. To raise money for all of the their operations and such they put on a silent auction and real auction at Lone Peak High School. There were so many people there for support and we walked away with some pretty great things. And can I state here how much I love silent auctions? We are basically the bomb at them.

As this month concludes we still don't have Tyler's car back and we don't really know when we will. On the bright side we got a couple of great pieces of furniture for our living room. Hooray for organization!