Remember all those cupcakes I made last night? Well, they were for the dear homecoming of BOTH Lynch brothers (Matt and Jason). Tyler's mom made her famous funeral potatoes and ham, not to mention the table of goodies. After the guests had dispersed and the food had been cleaned, this was the sight to see in the Lynchland congregational area. Everyone on a device, playing some sort of game with one another… ahhhh family time.



Tyler needed to go in to work to make up for yesterday's festivities so I woke up early for a Saturday and dashed to my dear friend, Stephanie's house. You see, she was going to clean her entire house for her parents' arrival next week all by herself. Can I just say how much I love vacuuming and scrubbing and dusting and organizing when it's not at my house (maybe I should be a maid on the side… hmm)? To return the favor, Stephanie bought me a movie pass to 'Pitch Perfect'. Afterwards I came home to make 48 cupcakes in under two hours, dinner for Tyler and then found myself showering at midnight. Finally, Tyler woke me around 1 AM, he ate his meal and we were off to bed.



Doesn't this look a bit reminiscent to this photo? Well, it is, in a way, but this is a brother I've never met before. Meet my brand new baby brother, even though he's not so brand new (more like 21 years old), but I have never met him before, so it counts. This is Jason, first younger brother to my husbandry, Tyler, and the last installment of the Lynch family, making us one complete happy fam. Thank you Jason for returning from Brazil so early in the day that we had to take most of the day off from work (oh shucks) and for picking Chuck-A-Rama as your first meal back in the States. Welcome brother.



I have tried and tried to NOT buy any more items from my work, so I opted for a trade. I already had two hip bags, but I hardly used them (I may have gotten them on an impulse) so I swapped out the one I used least for this faux leather black baby. Mmm gold zippers, oversized tassels and a long strap to boot. I must say that I will probably be using this lovely lady MUCH more than my summer oversized bag.



Ahhh broccoli. I used to have such a hate/hate relationship with this vegetable because of how much my palate dislikes the texture of steamed veggies, but now, NOW the crispiness has arrived! A couple of months ago I found this blog that had some great recipes including this one. A little bit of oil, a dash of sea salt and a hot piping oven filled with delicious broccoli. Yum. I have turned many-a people on this way of eating… and by many-a people I mean my friend Stephanie and my husband, Tyler.



I only lost .75 today, I'm sure it's because I went to Olive Garden last week, but I only cheated a little bit. In other news, a bagillion weeks ago I submitted our wedding thank you postcard artwork to a printer in California. Today, it came and it was like opening a present on Christmas morn… even though I knew exactly what was in it. I'm so excited to get started on these little puppies; next week my hands will be saying different, I'm sure. The goal is to get them out before our anniversary; if we don't then we will have loads of the same picture of us smoochin' to plaster all over our walls.



My bestie, Stephanie, texted me at work wondering if I wanted to go for a bit of a jog tonight before her roommate, Megan, was to give me a hair update. We went three miles in about an hour; boo-yeah, trim that fat! Then my personal stylist cut my hair from this inspirational photo I brought to her. My hair isn't quite this long, but it's essentially how it turned out. Now I just need to learn how to style it this sweet way.



We went to bed pretty late last night, unfortunately knowing that we had three chances to go to church today, for it was the Brigham City Temple dedication. We awoke around 11:15 a.m. and knew that we would be going to the last session at 3. It was nice; there were hardly any people there, so we got some primo seats. I've decided to start taking notes in church; I definitely get more out of it. I loved hearing Boyd K. Packer speak and it has got me all geared up for General Conference next month.



Last week there was a deal on one of our favorite websites that we just couldn't pass up. Today as we were leaving the house to make our way to the original Lynchland we found a lovely squishy package spilling out of our mail box. Tyler tore it open and it was raining tees. Tyler bought his a little bigger and I bought mine a little smaller; incentive for my slimming down and his bulking up.



We had some intensely awesome plans tonight. First up, a temple trip with the Picketts to the Salt Lake Temple where we spotted this lovely couple traipsing across my photo. After, we went to Olive Garden (oh yum!) and then back to our apartment for a little bit of a sleepover (they needed a place to crash since they were coming right back here tomorrow). The night ended with us watching the Parks & Rec season premiere and Aubrey informing us of every boy she's dated in the past week.



Tyler's been in a bit of a rut with dinners since I make my own diet food (slash, Tyler always offers to make it for me) and we have been trying not to eat out until November. He wanted nuggets, chicken nuggets, from McDonalds, NOW! Alas, we opted to make our very own. I hear they were quite delicious… thank you shredded wheat and parmesan for this incredible looking crust.



Tonight Tyler and I made the trek down to good ol' Wadley Farms in Lindon in honor of a cousin wedding. No, none of these cousins (silly, we're all married), but it was a super good excuse for the 3 amigos to get a photo op before we dispersed once again to our corners of the valley, never to see each other again. PSYCH! We'll be getting together again next month for a not-so-annual cousin party! BOO-YA!



I lost two pounds this week; that's 1.75 pounds away from being thirty pounds lighter, hoorah! To celebrate we baked a cobbler so Tyler could gobble it all up on his own. Yeah, we're funny like that. This cobbler is an old recipe passed down from generation to generation, my mom's mom, to my mom to me. Are you ready for this amazing four ingredient cobbler? Fresh peaches diced up from your parent's backyard fruit trees (that last part is optional), cover the peaches with a yellow cake mix, cut in some butter from a stick, bake it and cover in deliciously cold ice cream. BAM! Sorry the cat's out of the bag on this one; go… tell all your friends… COBBLER FOR ALL!



The main reason we went to D.I. last weekend was to get some dainty dishes to hold all of my jewelry, well the little jewelry. I am still working on getting another form of storage for all my new necklaces that easily tangle. We had such a busy weekend I hadn't had a chance to get it all organized until tonight. You like?



Yesterday at D.I. I found these pretty little pieces that miraculously fit my feet. They are the most perfect-height heels anyone could ever ask for. I wore them to church today and then we ventured to my parents' house for some much needed catching up. While we were there we Skyped with my sister Sara and her adorable family. She is super pregnant and today is her very happiest birthday. She'd be so proud to see her sister carry on the D.I. treasure-finding tradition, the student has become the master.



Happy last days of the Utah State Fair. Last year, I was supposed to go with Tyler and his family, but was at this little lady's bridal shower. This year, Tyler surprised me and wouldn't take no for an answer (alright, alright already). We went grocery shopping in the morn, D.I in the noon and the State Fair in the eve. While there, Spencer texted Tyler asking if we were at the Fair. We were shocked and so excited at the fact that they were probably there too (they knew we were there by our car; thanks Franklin). So we walked through all the animal barns with the Picketts, boy we've missed them. And might I add how stinkin' hot it was today?



After repairing that chair last night, we were in the mood to finish up some more of the small projects that had been staring us down, judging us for not completing them. One of them was a snippet of my birthday present from Tyler… these live/love note cards we've been meaning to frame and hang on either side of our bed. Yes, plural note cards, because my husbandry is that awesome and bought two of these sweet action, letter pressed, glow-in-the-dark beauties.



Today was long, SO long; I couldn't wait to get home. Once home, my father called asking for his tacking gun we've had for quite some time to fix our corner chair that I bought at DI long ago. The tacker was in Tyler's car, who was still at work, so he opted to try again tomorrow. As soon as Tyler got home we finally took the time to tack down that little underlying pocket that has been looming at us from under this leather beauty since the day I bought it. Not too shabby for two people who had no idea what they were doing, eh?



Two co-workers, two-baby bumps, two soon-to-be-born baby girls. It was a duo shower in the break room today for Chelsa (my Marketing Coordinator) and Sarah (my fellow Graphic Designer) at work. There were presents galore and everything pink from the drinks to the cupcakes and the wrapping to the blankets. They are both due a week apart next month and I am surely going to miss them. I have two other co-workers that are prego as well, one with twin girls and the other with a boy. There is definitely something in the water here.



Weigh-in? 2.25. Total weight to date lost? 26.25. And now on to the rest of our day: Tyler cleaned the apartment like crazy before he went to work and I cleaned like crazy when I got home from work. Why? Well, I shall tell you… we were having company over! Potential couple to be friends with; they were both in one of my wards in Provo and they recently got hitched and moved close by. I was so nervous, but I think it went well. We talked, ate strawberry bread and played Scrabble. These were the last two letters that Tyler (or anyone) had, poor baby. I went out first, but Danielle creamed us all in the end.

*Not-so-happy 9/11 anniversary to us all



We recently made my sister's famous sour cream apple pie, which turned out pretty amazing (or so I hear from the mouth of my husbandry). As a result we had some left over dough; Tyler wanted to throw it away, but I knew there had to be some sort of awesome pin on Pinterest stating some mind-blowing way to use the excess dough. So I looked it up and found this recipe. Things were going quite well until the end there. I'm not completely sure what went awry, but Tyler said they still tasted good even though they were a disaster.



We overslept this morning due to our many ailments and our sheer exhaustion of the week. It was Stake Conference and I hate to be a church jerk, but I think the extra sleep did us some much needed good (not that we didn't try, we just didn't hear our alarms). We finally got out of bed around 11 and moved our sick, lazy behinds from the bed to the couch for some movies. By 2 we were hungry enough that we got up to make some sort of sustenance: two tomatoes, three 'happy to see you' eggs and one frying pan later you have a scrumptious meal.



Tyler was still sick this morning, but that did not stop him from needing to go into work. I haven't been feeling too awesome myself: I am sure I have what people call a 'migraine' and I think I did something to my left thigh for I am having trouble walking. As I laid falling apart on the couch while Tyler worked, I indulged in a little bit of some Gossip Girl (don't judge). That night we received one of those calendars that the city lines with coupons to get you out and about to all the surrounding businesses. We already have one, so I ripped out all the coupons I wanted and tossed it. I was mostly excited because they all don't expire until next summer AND it had a billion coupons to the new grilled cheese restaurant up the way. Melty Way, the complete opposite effect on your body that Subway has (I'm sure). Nice tag line.



What? Another photo shoot? Why yes, that is where I spent my 8-5 job on this fine Friday. I know, I know, photo shoots galore, but it's not all play and no work. They are stressful, with the time crunches and the wardrobe changes and making sure the lighting is just right, but it is one of my very favorite perks of the job. Not to mention getting to gawk at all the pretty clothes they get to wear: this whole ensemble is from H&M. I wanted it all, from the coral dress with ruffles to the chunky three-toned pearl necklace and let's not forget those nude heels. And what's a photo shoot without a big ol' fan?



Remember that 'big day' I had today? Remember that St. Regis visit I made last month? Well this, this was the reason… a photo shoot for our up coming catalogue. It was stressful, fast-paced and a joy to see it all come together. The real testament of it will be when we start laying out the catalogue. T'will be my very favorite part: scouring the photos to find the perfect pose with the perfect face, where the bag is the perfect ten and there is that nice little space for some text. Ahhh, I love it.



This is my husbandry. You cannot tell from this photo but he has the stuffiest nose in the world, a cold and a running fever. He actually let me make HIM dinner tonight (a rarity around here) and I finally got to take care of him for once (seeing as how I have been sick every other month this year). I made him haystacks per his request and then got ready for tomorrow (big day) and went to bed early while he played some much needed Wario Land Shake It!



I received a wedding invitation today from my dear cousin Joshua's soon-to-be wife's residence. He is the youngest of twelve in his family and the last to wed. I was so excited to see it: A. because he is awesome and B. I adore wedding invitations. I love to see how people try to portray their personalities and meld them into one big ball of fancy paper and typography. Also, today was my weigh-in… down 6 pounds in one week and down 24.25 in all.



We super slept in today, we didn't do any chores and we stayed in our pajamas all the day long. We did get some things done here and there, but we really just enjoyed relaxing with each other without a care in the world. Tyler has been working to beat Twilight Princess; he is so close. We also started Wario Land Shake It. I love it! You should go to there.



Tonight, Tyler and I finished LOST; we finished it in one summer. I cannot express how much I love this show… not in an obsessive way, like those twilight fans, but in a respectful, thought-provoking way. It was fun to watch it all the way through, especially with Tyler; he just seems to know everything. This show has so many parallels on ethical/spiritual/emotional ways of thinking that I only scratched the surface with until I watched it with Tyler. Oh yeah, and we cried (Tyler only a little and me only a lot). You should watch it… we have it all.



Oh my goodness we were incredibly productive today. We usually sleep in, then bum around and then do some things here and there before our weekend needs to come to a close. Today we got all of our errands run and all these things baked before three o'clock. Take that Saturday with a Monday to spare! From left to right to bottom: Ideal Protein chocolate pudding muffin; Ideal Protein frozen chocolate hearts; strawberry bread (the bread we shall be known for… even if it kills me).