May was very merry and the weather was quite nice too. Many things happened in May, so please, bear with me as I enlighten you with our merryweathering.

The very beginning of the month was Tyler's birthday. Why in fact, it was the very first of the month. He was very busy with finals and I was also quite busy with work things that I will explain later. I tried my hardest to make it a very special day, but we hardly even saw each other that week. So I made do.

I stayed up late the night before making a lovely display for him to wake up to. You see, his desk is in the second bedroom and that is where he studies hard core. So I knew that he would be in there early on his birthday to study for a final. I proceeded to make that lovely display deep into the night, it looked a little something like this:

The speech bubble reads (if your eyesight is that bad) 'Happy 25th! Pop us to find 25 reasons your totally awesome, hot wife loves you! Choose your weapon of choice wisely.' The three weapons were a chewed up pencil, a white thumbtack and pepper spray. I was so excited for it that I tried to wake Tyler up, but he was out cold. 

I decided to go to bed after I wrapped his presents: king sized Reeses peanut butter cups (because I always eat his); a homemade (good ol' balloon filled with flour) stress ball made with his favorite color, purple; a k'nect Mario Kart motorcycle and a present that I didn't quite have finished in time for the actually birthday, so I shall document that later once it is in his possession.  

As I mentioned before I had some work things that were going on the same week as his birthday. I was on site at our catalogue photo shoots for three days straight. They were basically in the middle of nowhere because the theme of the catalogue was Australian-outback-ish.

On the first day we were at White Rock. I had never heard of it, but it took us two and half hours to get there. We had to rent a little RV for hair and make-up and a place for changing. It was beautiful out there, but dang it was hot!

On the second day we went to Five-Mile Pass, a lovely little place that my family likes to go four-wheeling and my friends like to go jeeping. Tyler even came down for the last part of the shoot to bring Jade in for a couple of shots. She's so photogenic.

On the third day we had to wake up at 4 AM to be on location out by I-80 for some sunrise shots. Goodness me it was definitely freezing and too early. But it was a breathtaking sunrise, and I'll admit, that was worth it.

That weekend we drove down to Snow College for Aubrey's graduation and to help her move on home. We are so proud of our li'l Aubrey Duncan! She is so grown up, now with her Associate Degree and all. Speaking of an Associate Degree… my loving husbandry just graduated with his as well from SLCC and will now apply for the PA program at the U. 

The next Saturday, we were invited by Sara, Bob and my Dad to go out to Antelope Island. Sara and Bob will be moving at the end of this month and they have never been there, so they planned a little trip and invited us along. We did a little hike, then did a tiny stop in to the Visitor's Center and then had a picnic on the beach.

Funny story: while we were at the Visitor's Center for a potty break. Tyler and I were walking Duncan from the car and we noticed there was a bison statue close the entrance. We kept asking him if he wanted to see the bison, but he didn't seem to get what we were saying. As we got closer Duncan exclaimed, 'Oh! A cow!'

Once we got home from Antelope Island, Tyler and I got ready for a very special event: a barbershop quartet concert. Tyler's grandpa had been practicing with a barbershop chorus and they were putting on a show down at American Fork Middle School. It was fun to see, but it was super long. We were all a little barbershopped out by the end of the night.

The next day was Mother's Day. I had plans to surprise all of the women in the family with a handbag from my work. I told them all that there was a wicked-ly low-priced sale going on and that they should choose some things as a way to know what they would want. I took their 'orders' and then surprised them on the day of with a new purse!

That morning we went to church and then left early to go to Tyler's parents' house to Skype with his brother, Jason, who is serving in Brazil—it is crazy to think that he will be home in September. We then went to my parents' house to give everyone their gifts and then dashed back over to the Lynches' for a phone call from Tyler's other brother, Matt, who is currently serving in the Philippines. Matt is so funny; apparently he was quite the picky eater before he left. Now he has tried all sorts of things and told us all over the phone that he wasn't picky anymore. He called it a miracle!

Memorial Day weekend we went to Park City with Nikki, Spencer, my dad and Aubrey for a couple of nights. We played games, saw the sights and even got some lovely treats from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.

That weekend we also came down for a night of Desert Star with the Lynch family and nursery on Sunday and then went back up to Park City to finish out the weekend there until Monday morning.

Monday afternoon we spring cleaned the house and finally got my ears pierced at the mall, which took forever because there was only one girl working the store and the computer wouldn't accept credit cards. That night we celebrated Tyler's dad's birthday where we all pitched in to get him an iPad.

The last week of May, you'll never guess what happened! We finally got back Franklin—Tyler's car! Oh what a glorious day that was. Of course we got it right after the semester ended, but we were happy nonetheless. I cannot tell you how many people we owe for letting us borrow their cars and bum rides off of them. Thank you, thank you, thank you to one and all for your pity and charity towards us silly Lynches.

And now I shall leave you with this lovely video of Duncan (man I am going to miss those guys):