Although 2012 started with a bit of a rocky road (the literal, hard to travel on kind, not the delicious ice cream kind), we were determined to have a good year in spite of it. March was another month full of lots of hard work and getting by, especially with one car, but our luck finally looked up and our year started to change for the better.

In the beginning days of month three Tyler and I decided to fulfill our lifelong dreams of being the proud owners of the one and only iPhone. It also was no coincidence that I was up for an upgrade and we needed to move from our parents' cell phone plans to our very own family plan (aw). It was a tiny bit of a pain to get it moved, but we did it all in one day and we are so in love with our first major purchase of the year: his and her iPhones.

via Eat Sleep Cuddle

That same weekend that we got iPhones, we drove down to Provo to have a sleepover with the one and only Picketts. My cousin, Nikki and her husband, Spencer, had just gotten an air mattress and wanted to have us down for a night. We picked up a Papa Murphy's on the way down and couldn't wait to see our buddies (we were like little kids on a play date). The pizza was warmed and the Netflix commenced deep into the night. 

The next morning was a Sunday—as we were all getting ready for church, I heard a snap come from the second bedroom where we had been staying while doing my hair in the bathroom. Poor Spencer had accidentally knocked my glasses onto the floor and stepped on them (they weren't exactly in the greatest place—my bad). We tried super gluing them, but it was obvious I needed new frames.

The next weekend we finally were able to get our little Jade-e-poo from Tyler's parents' basement and into our second bedroom. While we were at their house, Tyler declared it time we cleaned out her cage before taking her to our home. While out of her cage she sat in a tub of water and was then fed in her little red bucket.

Once she was fed, we brought Jade home and got her cage all set up. We have the perfect spot in our second bedroom up top our tic-tac-toe shelf. Isn't she preeeeeety?

On that same day, we received a long awaited piece of furniture: the desk my sister and her husband made for our wedding. They refurbished it while they were living in Pittsburgh, but on the move out here it received some minor wounds that needed attending to. They fixed it right up and presented it to us. I love it: the color, the functionality, the distressing. Everything is grand.

The next weekend we celebrated Tyler's mom's birthday. We gave presents, ate a wonderful dinner and devoured some lovely cake. The next week was Tyler's spring break. The whole week he got caught up on projects and worked late. That was by far, the easiest week to not have a second car (yes we still don't have it).

Later in the month our neighbor-friend Charlie asked if I would help her win a photo contest. I obliged and we set up a studio in her second bedroom. The only requirements were to use the cover of this particular author's latest book in the photo and he would award the winner with his newest book (don't ask what/who the book/author was, all I know is that it had to do with daggers and ghosts). Both of our husbands helped us pull off the task and that next week I found out that she won… of course.

At the end of the month I was babysitting Duncan at my parent's house and began making dinner. Tyler was at his parents' house waiting to be picked up, I loaded Duncan into the car and we were off. Tyler got into the car and we took Duncan to see Jade. He was instantly not amused, so we loaded him back into the car. Tyler's mom invited us for dinner and since the dinner I was attempting to make at my parents' house hadn't even been started, we took her up on it. The dish of the night was noodles with alfredo sauce. Duncan ate all of his noodles and even had some veggies. The highlight of the night was when dinner was being cleaned up and the alfredo sauce was sitting on the table ready to go into the fridge. Duncan decided he wasn't done and began eating it as if it were the soup of the day.

All in all March helped us keep our chins up a bit more. It feels like our car is getting closer to being done (although, that's what we were told last month) and April looks as if it shall be better than month three.