Tyler had his very last day of clinicals today. I, on the other hand, had a not-so-great morning (this medicine is really messing me up). He made it home in time for the last part of church and I met him over there for sacrament meeting—it was exactly what we needed to hear, I love meetings like that. We came home and changed in a flash for Easter dinner and festivities at the Lynch house. We arrived and immediately went to hunt for our Easter baskets. I found mine first—behind the television—a much improved ranking from being in last place the year before. After all the baskets were found we went to hunt for eggs. Tyler's family boils and dyes enough eggs so that everyone can find a dozen hidden around the house by the 'Easter Bunny'. They always do things youngest to oldest, so Tyler and I rarely stand a chance. Then it was time for the much anticipated dinner: mostly funeral potatoes, but also ham and rolls. There were other things on the table, but that's all that mattered. After the delicious meal we made our way over to Duncanville for presents, Nintendo and visiting with the Riches before they go back to sunny Cali. After being defeated too many times to record while playing Double Dash against Aubrey and Jordan, we traveled back to Lynchland for that lemon dessert delight I helped make last night. I failed to get any pictures of anything else, so please enjoy this slice of lemony yellow delight.



I didn't sleep well last night, mostly because I went to bed literally two hours before Tyler had to get up. I took my cat nap and then awoke with him to document his first real day on the job. Apparently last weekend was virtual clinicals and skills day, but today he gets to wear scrubs and everything. Can I just pause here to say that this is how Tyler always puts on his shoes: sitting on the coffee table—I love it—okay, un-pause. He has a sixteen-hour day ahead of him: 6-2:30 at the nursing job and then after that he is to go into his other job until late tonight—ugh. I went back to sleep after he left and plum forgot that my sister was in town from Sacramento with her little family. She called to remind me that I had previously agreed to babysit her two little male tykes at my parents' house. I slapped on some pants and made it just in time to relieve my sister of a screaming Charlie. I soon played trains, cars and instruments with Duncan as Charlie napped his little heart out. Soon their parents arrived and I made my way back home to prepare for my next task: helping Tyler's mom with Easter prep. Tyler had every intention of making it over to Lynchland, but was so exhausted (can you blame him?) that he just went home. I helped Suzanne make a lemon dessert delight and also had my hand in helping the family dye 90 hard boiled eggs. These guys don't mess around.

Side note: Tyler called his uncle today during his break to tell him that we were in and the conversation ended with Tyler's uncle planning to call him next week to arrange the details. Things are happening people.



Somehow I was exhausted to the point of being in dire need of a nap once I got home from work. I woke up around 9 P.M. to an empty house. Tyler got home late and had to go straight to bed for his second weekend of clinicals starting bright and early in the morn. We talked briefly about the job: we are going to take it. It's going to be hard but worth it, and we are ready to take it on. It was so late by the time we had talked it out that Tyler decided to tell his uncle tomorrow. I put Tyler to bed and then made him a lunch for his oh-so-long day tomorrow. I am so proud of him for squeezing this certified nursing assistant course into his already hectic schedule. It will all be over after this weekend and then he will only have to take the state test. What a smarty-pants!



I wasn't feeling very well today. This medicine is already making me crazy, and it doesn't help that the next door neighbors got a dog and it won't stop whining (why I oughta…). Sydney and I had plans to do yoga tonight, (we're always so ambitious) but didn't leave work until super late and decided to throw in the towel on that goal. As we were walking to our cars it began to sprinkle, as we took the necessary paces towards our vehicles it began to rain faster. As we reached our doors, we shouted our goodbyes as the rains came down, hard! It was like a monsoon; by the time I reached the freeway, only a couple of blocks east, it cleared right up and the sunset was exposed. It's good to know that Mother Nature can be just as bipolar as I am.



Late this morning I had a lady doctor appointment. Tyler and I ended up waiting for two hours before we saw her; apparently they were running behind, but that was just ridiculous. Some decisions need to be made in the near future, and with this potential new job, we've been doing a lot of pondering and praying to figure out the best path. We talked for hours and hours tonight mapping out all the outcomes of the trails ahead: finances, Tyler's schooling, our future family and my health. My health is fine, but it could be better; to improve it, I have to take all of these lovely vitamins and horse pills. Ugh, whatever happened to 'an apple a day'?



I talked with my work today about this potential new job; I will have to work eleven-hour days and will be pretty swamped, but it will only be temporary and I think it will be very worth it. It also is daunting to think of how busy the both of us will be. As we try to muddle though this decision-making process we decided to make a 'funs & fears' list. It's like a 'pros and cons' list, but way more better. Tyler also spoke with a couple of his future professors to see how this would work out with the classes he has planned. Some are okay with it and some aren't, making this decision even harder.

WEIGH-IN RESULTS: -2 lbs. Let's keep this train trekkin' girl!



Today, Sydney offered me some lovely truffles from a beautiful box of chocolates from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. I obliged, taking one for me and one for Tyler (we shall devour them come Easter Sunday when I plan to cheat). Tonight, we made our way to Grandma and Grandpa Dredge's house. They had quite the feast and get together as Tyler's aunt and uncle were in town from California. Tyler's other aunt and uncle had a business proposition for us. They own a successful scrapbook company and travel every other weekend doing expo shows all over the nation. They have recently needed someone to take over their travels and thought of us. We discussed the details with them tonight and it sounds quite promising. We told them we needed to think it over and work out our schedules to make it work. It's scary, but exciting.



I woke up feeling like a dump truck and ended up staying in bed for the whole day. Tyler had day two of his clinicals and had to miss all of church. Tonight, our new home teacher (who happens to be married to my visiting teacher) came over for a chat and in turn brought along their eight-month-old—what a cutie. It was fun to visit with them and get to know them a little better and let's not forget how great my teacher is—she ALWAYS brings me a treat for whatever holiday is upon us. Since I am on a diet and don't really care for Peeps, this guy gobbled them all up. They didn't stand a chance.



Today was a much needed break. Sadly, Tyler had to go to his first clinical for his certified nursing assistant course and then straight to work for the rest of this day. I took this opportunity to do some cleaning: dusting, laundry, dishes, etc. The only problem with a whole day to myself and no real goals as to what needs to get done is that I become a bit ADD. First, I decided to clean off my old cell phone. It was the cell phone I had at the time Tyler and I dated. I took pictures of all of the texts I wanted to save and decided I would not bother photographing the pictures since I could just load them straight onto my computer. (Isn't this text the best? It's the first time we kissed; we're hilarious). I couldn't find the flash drive converter for the memory card in my phone. I searched high and low in the second bedroom (I swear I gave it a memorable spot from its spring clean last month) and ended up starting some side projects on my computer. Those led me to do some layout research in my graphic design books, which in turn—somehow—led me to try on old dresses I haven't worn in years and send pictures of me in them to Tyler as he worked late into the night. What a silly Saturday, but I'll take its laziness and all of its featherbrained chores over the week we've had.



Tyler's week has been even worse than mine, and today was just the cherry on top. Earlier this week he tried to register for spring/summer classes, but apparently there was a hold on his account. He called the registration office to clear things up when they told him that his transcripts from his year at BYU were unofficial. They apparently still needed official transcripts in order for him to proceed with his registration for the upcoming semester. He was then led on a wild and ridiculous goose chase to clear his name that ultimately led him to actually driving down to BYU and fetching them himself. He sent me this picture during the work day with the caption "Look, I'm on an adventure! Also, I hate it here! I hope you're having a better day than I am! I miss you!". Unfortunately, I was having a better day, but only by a cougar first down.



Today I had every intention of doing yoga with my bud after work and maybe finding a skirt for my sister's wedding. Unfortunately, Sydney accidentally double-booked tonight and had a friend coming in from out of town to stay with her—no biggie. I made my way to the mall after work to find a skirt to match all the skirts my sister got her skinny bridesmaids at Charlotte Russe. Unfortunately, they don't have my size so I searched high and low in all of the South Towne stores only to leave with what I came with. The night ended with me going to the store to finally buy windshield wiper fluid for both Tyler's car and mine (at least that went well). I'm just glad it's Thursday and that tomorrow the work week shall surely end.



Want to know what scares the crap out of me? Freelancing. The fear of being my own boss, marketing myself and searching out work to provide for my family? No thank you. It has its perks—I went into this business knowing I could easily be a stay-at-home mom while still bringing in some dough on the side. But for all the reasons listed above, I am not too crazy about jumping in. I made it a goal this year to really jumpstart my business; start it small and then when we start a family it won't feel so abrupt leaving my in-house design job. I had my first consultation tonight with a potential client (I sound so official; in reality it's a high school buddy that may or may not be starting a business). I stammered, asked all the wrong questions and probably sold myself short. I'm no good at this; I told Tyler he should just be my liaison from now on. He is so much better at 'selling' my talents, not to mention he has a much better vocabulary, making everything sound that much more professional. Sigh, we'll see how it goes, but I'm not feeling entirely confident. In other news, these are one of the many pairs of earrings Tyler picked out for me—I received many a compliment. Thanks honey.



Tyler's mom turned 49 a week ago and we finally got around to celebrating it today (the bigger the family, the harder it is to get everybody in the same room). We made a pretty great card for her hinting at how old she is getting (this is the initial sketch) as well as another card that was a paper chest freezer as a sneak peek to her real chest freezer that we all went in on to replace her old one. We had steak, potatoes and a delicious Etna cake. Happiest of birthdays to my second mother, who raised the best man—he treats me right and is better than I ever could have deserved. Thanks Suzanne for all of your love and support, we hope your birthday was a pretty great last push up the hill before you hit 'over the hill' status next year—uh-oh.

WEIGH-IN RESULTS: -.25; I chalk that up to all the stress I've been under. At least I didn't gain, right?



Tyler and I went to Charlotte Russe on our fun Saturday of awesomeness to pick up some wedding-related things for my li'l sister. While there, Tyler noticed that their earrings were two for $10 and managed to pick out plenty that were just my style. I began trying them on that night when all of a sudden one of the little kites in the middle there snapped its post right off. Not even 24 hours old and I already had to take it back. Tyler was such a peach for me (because he knows how much I hate taking things back) and went to the Charlotte Russe by our house to exchange them. We also had to move up our The Taste watching with Stephanie from tomorrow to tonight because tomorrow we are celebrating Mama Lynch's birthday. The Taste was amazing; it was the season finale and the winner was just who I wanted—hooray!



Last week we were at a farewell for my cousin, yes? Well, nobody told us that this weekend was Stake Conference; somehow we put the pieces together, but we missed it altogether—oops. We both sported some green today; it wasn't hard since Tyler got these lovely Irish rings that doubled as cupcake toppers at his CNA class this week. Thanks for eating two and getting some green for me so that we matched so twinnerily.



Today was an amazing Saturday. It was the first Saturday in a long time that I had the whole day with Tyler. We started the day attending the Mount Timpanogos Temple with Nikki and Spencer. Tyler and I were given a special role in our session and it was quite the honor and experience. Once we finished we made our way down to the cafeteria (we always make it a point to eat in the cafeteria if the temple we are visiting has one). In the afternoon we traveled to my lovely cousin Alishia's house. She and her sisters threw their sister a 'baby' shower for the four-year-old she and her husband adopted this past December. We took a wonderful tour of Alishia's new home, and look how cute her little baby bump is. From there, Tyler and I went to the University Mall to look for/pick up skirts for Aubrey's wedding party. We strolled around there and made a stop into See's Candies (I've never been there; Tyler showed me his favorite chocolates and then we ended up buying a half a pound). Since I had already cheated a little here and there all day, we decided to get some yummy dinner at Cafe Rio. We spent the night in, eating, laughing and cleaning out our Hulu queue. I'm so proud of Tyler and all of the hard work he puts in, working nights and weekends, going to school full time, etc., but I am also so grateful I got to spend this entire day with him visiting family and reminiscing.



We spent our Friday night doing our taxes; sounds boring, but you don't know taxes in our family. Taxes are done by my dad, which means you'll get fed by my mom, and afterwards you'll hang out and check out their new internet TV—my parents are just the best. It was a terrific night, especially because we received a gigantic refund since Tyler is in school. HOLLA!



'Pi' Day has come upon us. At work, Sydney bought a couple of pies to share with the department in honor of this lovely Pi Day. I worked late and she left early, leaving the pies behind. Nobody else wanted them so I brought them home to Tyler. I caved and ended up eating some myself. A sliver of pumpkin and chocolate silk to end this Thursday of all Thursdays. Oh pie, you are so good and so worth it.



Tonight I had promised Sydney that I would help her make the trek to IKEA, buy things and then haul things into her new place. She needed someone to talk out her idea for a shelving unit in her second bedroom—so many options. On our way down to the warehouse to get said shelves we walked though the couch section and this beauty caught my very eye. How lovely is this orange couch? It stood out in such a welcoming way among the sea of neutral love seats. I wanted it so bad… one day, future house, one day. We bought shelves, hauled them to her apartment and then I received the grand tour. Once home, Aubrey and Jordan came over to discuss the details of their announcement and to give feedback on what I had already done. Thankfully she liked it, with just some minor tweaks here and there and a direction for the inserts. They're going to knock your socks off.



I was given the task of doing my baby sister's wedding announcements as a sort of unofficial wedding gift. I designed it about three different times, being satisfied, of course, with each design when I finished, but then would ask myself the question: does this look like Aubrey? I think the third time is the charm, because I've reached a terrific direction. I hope she likes it.

WEIGH-IN RESULTS: -4.5 lbs. I am now officially my smallest yet: 179.5 lbs. Ten and a half pounds in two weeks? Uh, yes, I'd say I am killing it!



Today marks the start of Tyler's spring break and guess how he is spending it? Taking more classes; he signed up for a week-long CNA course so that he could become certified as a nursing assistant. After he passes the test he will get started on the massive amount of healthcare hours he needs to get into the Physician Assistant program at the University of Utah. He came home today will all sorts of fun things: scrubs in blues, greens and grays; a blood pressure cuff; and the very last purple stethoscope. (Apparently everyone wanted a purple one because after he got the last one there were multiple boys and girls that opted to wait until more came in. Another side note: one stethoscope came in all black…ooo. And one more thing: they also have a lime green stethoscope, but it costs twice as much and takes two weeks to get in—who knew?).



Tyler and I made our way to Pleasant Grove this morning to hear this special little lady (the one in the middle) speak for the last time before she goes away for eighteen months. Connie has been called to serve in the Dallas, Texas mission—she did a tremendous job on her talk and I know she will be doing amazing things there. There was a bit of a get-together afterwards at a clubhouse down the street; it was fun to catch up with cousins I haven't seen in a while. On the way home we stopped at my grandma and grandpa Duncan's house for a quick chat and then we were off. Back to work…



I had every intention of going to the temple this morning with Stephanie and then we were to go over to her new apartment and go all spring cleaning on its hiney. Well, I woke up way too late to make it to that first part; I told Stephanie to call me when she was ready for me to come clean. She called later and mentioned that she didn't feel like cleaning and suggested we go to a movie. We went and saw Beautiful Creatures (terrific movie) and then I went over to my parents' house. Tyler was still at work, so I hung out there for a bit. My mom let me go 'shopping' for some much needed supplies: pots, pans, knives, make-up and food, all within the confines of her home. Tyler and I got home at the same time and we did some show and tell. While opening and putting everything away he was trying to get the zip ties off the knives with these kitchen shears and SNAP! Tyler doesn't know his own strength; now we need new kitchen shears.




The end of the work day yesterday was pretty stressful; unfortunately, it spilled over into today. I had to be at the office super early and was running a tad behind. I parked my car, opened the door while locking it and slammed it behind me. As I turned to watch the car door slam, I realized for that gut-wrenching split second that the keys were still in the ignition and the car was running. Oh goodness gracious—I left the car there with the thought that I would deal with it after I got finished with the more pressing task that had brought me in early in the first place. It took much longer than I had anticipated, but finally, it was out of the way. I sighed with frustration as I realized it was only 8 AM and I still had another hurdle before me—my running, locked car. I called Tyler: he was on his way to a class that had a deadline for a project he was turning in. I called my mom: she was about to leave for work. She talked to my dad: he was also just leaving for work. Somehow they still had a spare key for my car at their house and my dad ran it out to me saving the day. The rest of today was equally stressful: Tyler got pulled over coming home from his class. At the end of the day we counted our blessings: I locked my keys in my car at work instead of at home making it possible to get done what I needed to, and Tyler got off with a warning—thankfully—he is still on probation from his accident last year. Nonetheless, we are definitely welcoming the weekend.



Yesterday we had it all planned out to go over to Lynchland for the opening of Kevin's LDS mission call. Well, it never came in the mail, so we made tentative plans for next Wednesday. Some time in the afternoon we all got a group text from Tyler's mom saying she had a golden ticket, aka the call had come in the mail. Because nobody was expecting it, the only time everyone could be there was 10:30 PM. Tyler got home from work shortly after I got out of the shower from a 24 Hour Fitness workout with Sydney. We made our way over to the house and soon it was revealed: Louisville, Kentucky July 10th. This guy is going to be awesome!



Do you ever follow a favorite lifestyle blog and see once in a while that they have a giveaway to one super awesome reader? I always enter, but I never win… well up until I was in California. I follow a blog called The House That Lars Built and saw a couple of weeks ago that she was giving away this sweet little book. It is one line a day for five years (she explains it better than me on her blog). I love everything about it, from the mint color and gold detailing, its tiny little size and basically the whole idea of one line a day to sum up that day for the next five years. I got the email from her while I was in California asking for my mailing address and today it finally came! I can't wait to get started (I'll probably start it on my birthday because I will be twenty-five and then it will finish on my 30th birthday—whoa; mind blown).



A couple of weeks ago Tyler told me that he had caved and bought Girl Scout Cookies from his boss' daughters—a lot of cookies. Today he walked in with a giant Girl Scout box of eight colorful cookie boxes. Oh man oh man! I told him he had to save me some for this summer when I will hopefully be off this diet. Once he was home we went on to watch The Taste with Stephanie—that show is so good.

WEIGH-IN RESULTS: -6 lbs. Can you believe it!? I killed it this week, for I now weigh 184 pounds. I think it was mostly because I cheated for so long during my trip and then got super strict and shocked my body into getting serious… yeah let's go with that.



Check out this kitchen! I called up my bestie, Stephanie, to see if I could meet her at her new place. She just barely got the key this weekend and I am all sorts of excited for her. She currently lives in her parents' old house; they have moved to Oregon a bit ago and, at the time, they had missionaries waiting to return. They are all home now and the parents are selling the house, thus the new place. She has some pretty sweet amenities. This basement apartment is only two years old, so it has all of the state-of-the-art features. One of them is this kitchen: tin backsplash, granite countertops and dark wood cabinets—makes me want to eat my cereal here and feel like a queen while doing it. I declare all future awesome parties (yeah, because we have so many) to take place at this place.



Poor Jade—we realized yesterday she hasn't been fed in three weeks instead of her usual two. You could tell she was pretty hungry because she started bobbing her head in a getting-ready-to-bite fashion toward Tyler's hand as he was taking her out of her cage. He had to spray her with water like a naughty kitty while he transported her to her feeding bucket. I was trying to get a video of her snatching up her dinner since there are no known records of this in the Lynchland archives. As I moved my phone into position I pushed record right as she lunged for her dinner and latched onto my finger instead of her mouse meal. I yelped, cried, called her a bad name and looked down to see five beads of blood on my right index finger. The adrenaline was incredible—it was basically a cat scratch on the scale of pain, but my heart was racing and I was still trying to process the events that had transpired. She eventually got the mouse and we now have two videos to log away: Jade eating a mouse and Jade eating me.



I am trying so hard to do better on my diet; I'm finding it hard to stay consistent without cheating each week. I came across a blog some time ago that had some great Ideal Protein recipes. Every time I try one out it always looks better than it tastes and then leads to me cheating after only a week of being strong. Today I tried a waffle made out of one of the crispy cereal packets with two egg whites, 1/8 cup of water, a dash of cinnamon and a splash of vanilla. We forgot to spray the iron, but it turned out to be the crispiest, sweetest waffle I have ever tasted. Today, a new dish was born; hopefully this will keep me away from sweets that much longer.



I'm not sure if you know this, but my husband is a Spongebob fanatic. I mean, a real, true fanatic. So when he notices that there are macaroni and cheese boxes with Spongebob 'collect them all' cards on the back of them, by George he's going to collect them all. Unfortunately, tonight Tyler came home from school with the mother of all headaches. Fortunately, he has a cool wife that will make him macaroni and cheese whose box contains the very last collectible card. Poor guy laid in the dark waiting for the pain medicine to kick in, but don't worry, nothing some Spongebob mac couldn't cure. But for reals, it was probably the ibuprofen, even though he swears it was the mac and cheese.