The end of the work day yesterday was pretty stressful; unfortunately, it spilled over into today. I had to be at the office super early and was running a tad behind. I parked my car, opened the door while locking it and slammed it behind me. As I turned to watch the car door slam, I realized for that gut-wrenching split second that the keys were still in the ignition and the car was running. Oh goodness gracious—I left the car there with the thought that I would deal with it after I got finished with the more pressing task that had brought me in early in the first place. It took much longer than I had anticipated, but finally, it was out of the way. I sighed with frustration as I realized it was only 8 AM and I still had another hurdle before me—my running, locked car. I called Tyler: he was on his way to a class that had a deadline for a project he was turning in. I called my mom: she was about to leave for work. She talked to my dad: he was also just leaving for work. Somehow they still had a spare key for my car at their house and my dad ran it out to me saving the day. The rest of today was equally stressful: Tyler got pulled over coming home from his class. At the end of the day we counted our blessings: I locked my keys in my car at work instead of at home making it possible to get done what I needed to, and Tyler got off with a warning—thankfully—he is still on probation from his accident last year. Nonetheless, we are definitely welcoming the weekend.


  1. You can be on probation for accidents?

    Glad you could find the silver lining! At least it makes for a good blog post, eh?

    1. You betcha on all accounts. He was only on probation because it was his fault and he didn't have insurance.