Tyler had his very last day of clinicals today. I, on the other hand, had a not-so-great morning (this medicine is really messing me up). He made it home in time for the last part of church and I met him over there for sacrament meeting—it was exactly what we needed to hear, I love meetings like that. We came home and changed in a flash for Easter dinner and festivities at the Lynch house. We arrived and immediately went to hunt for our Easter baskets. I found mine first—behind the television—a much improved ranking from being in last place the year before. After all the baskets were found we went to hunt for eggs. Tyler's family boils and dyes enough eggs so that everyone can find a dozen hidden around the house by the 'Easter Bunny'. They always do things youngest to oldest, so Tyler and I rarely stand a chance. Then it was time for the much anticipated dinner: mostly funeral potatoes, but also ham and rolls. There were other things on the table, but that's all that mattered. After the delicious meal we made our way over to Duncanville for presents, Nintendo and visiting with the Riches before they go back to sunny Cali. After being defeated too many times to record while playing Double Dash against Aubrey and Jordan, we traveled back to Lynchland for that lemon dessert delight I helped make last night. I failed to get any pictures of anything else, so please enjoy this slice of lemony yellow delight.

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