I had every intention of going to the temple this morning with Stephanie and then we were to go over to her new apartment and go all spring cleaning on its hiney. Well, I woke up way too late to make it to that first part; I told Stephanie to call me when she was ready for me to come clean. She called later and mentioned that she didn't feel like cleaning and suggested we go to a movie. We went and saw Beautiful Creatures (terrific movie) and then I went over to my parents' house. Tyler was still at work, so I hung out there for a bit. My mom let me go 'shopping' for some much needed supplies: pots, pans, knives, make-up and food, all within the confines of her home. Tyler and I got home at the same time and we did some show and tell. While opening and putting everything away he was trying to get the zip ties off the knives with these kitchen shears and SNAP! Tyler doesn't know his own strength; now we need new kitchen shears.

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