Tyler's mom turned 49 a week ago and we finally got around to celebrating it today (the bigger the family, the harder it is to get everybody in the same room). We made a pretty great card for her hinting at how old she is getting (this is the initial sketch) as well as another card that was a paper chest freezer as a sneak peek to her real chest freezer that we all went in on to replace her old one. We had steak, potatoes and a delicious Etna cake. Happiest of birthdays to my second mother, who raised the best man—he treats me right and is better than I ever could have deserved. Thanks Suzanne for all of your love and support, we hope your birthday was a pretty great last push up the hill before you hit 'over the hill' status next year—uh-oh.

WEIGH-IN RESULTS: -.25; I chalk that up to all the stress I've been under. At least I didn't gain, right?

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