We definitely had some adventures this month, nothing wild and crazy like Indiana Jones himself, but still enough so that the word made it into the title of this post.

Have you ever heard of the show Once Upon A Time? Tyler and I officially became hooked this month and couldn't be happier with our new ABC drama. In fact, we are as giddy as gnomes whenever it comes into our hulu queue.

General Conference was at the start of this month and it truly was a lovely bunch of coconuts. With conference weekend came Easter. I was initiated into the great Lynch family tradition of looking for your own easter basket as well as hunting for colored hard-boiled eggs that had been hid around the house. It goes from youngest to oldest, so Tyler, his dad and I definitely had our work cut out for us. Once the eggs had been found and the baskets had begun to get lighter we watched a movie the family had gotten for the occasion. 'Twas a good day.

April also brought Bijou Market; a wonderful market down in Provo full of DIY booths and kiosks with things just waiting to be snatched up. Tyler's good friend Bryan lives in Provo and we had been meaning to hang out with him for some time, so we turned it into a day of both (it also helps that Bryan is a mucho talented artist and would totally be in his element at one of these things).

I made out with some good finds: first I found a pocket watch necklace with the most intricate details; a square sketchbook with a fabric cover, hand-bound spine and deep toothed paper; a landscape (tee hee pun intended) map sketchbook that no matter which way you turn it, the map is upside down; and the perfect pair of earrings that made me want to pierce my ears just for them.

After Bijou Market, we had Bryan pick a place to eat. We had the most amazing Thai food just down the street from the market where I had the most to-die-for pineapple curry. After our curry-cravin' tummies were full, we gave Bryan a ride home. On our way to his house we were coming up on one of those silly intersections that are all over Provo that make you second guess whether or not you should stop. We didn't have a stop sign, but the perpendicular traffic did. As we neared the intersection a bus turning right from the crossing street took a VERY wide turn and almost smashed straight into us. Luckily Tyler slowed down enough that we just missed her. As she passed us, she smiled and put up her hand as if to say, 'Oops, my bad'. We died laughing the whole back to Bryan's apartment.

A couple of weeks after that it was Tyler's sister Nicole's birthday celebration. I had decided once I knew how much of a sweet discount I get at my job, that I was going to get everyone a handbag for their birthday. She really wanted a bubble gum pink one that we didn't have for very long, due to popularity. One day, we were looking through the catalogue and she mentioned that she liked another style. My office was almost out of that particular style as well. I worked my magic and managed to get them to let me have the display one in the front. Nicole's birthday was a huge success, ending with a much overdue game of Video Clue by the whole family and delicious cake made by their neighbor.

The next weekend, Tyler and I were asked to meet with the second counselor from the bishopric in our ward. He asked us if we would be willing to accept a calling in the nursery. We both said yes, of course, and cannot wait to play with kids on a weekly basis.

So, Tyler's car, it has officially been in the shop longer than we had it before the accident. Yeah, it is definitely getting to be a little ridiculous—cross your fingers that we will be getting it next month, eh?