With the exception of one minor incident halfway through, June was a month filled to the brim with nonstop fun. We enjoyed a slew of great times with lots of family and friends. Indeed, the jocosity was abundant. What's that you say? "Jocosity" is yet another word you've never heard of? If you don't know what this one means, I'm not going to tell you. Try Google for a change.

On the very first of June it was Tyler's friend, Bryan's art show in Provo. It was super rad and I almost bought some of his work, but it was too hard to choose and we already have two of his pieces hanging in our apartment. After his show we went to Burger Supreme and talked the night away.

The next week it was Tyler's little brother, Kevin's high school graduation. It was also my company's employee appreciation day and they had paid for all of us to go to Lagoon. The day before it had been the hottest day of the year, so we prepared accordingly and wore short sleeves and shorts. Well of course the next day the temperature would drop to half of what it was the day before. It was so cold they started shutting down rides, which was almost as amusing as the hordes of ninth graders who were there for their own Lagoon day. We ended up leaving even earlier than planned and made it to Kevin's graduation in plenty of time.

The speakers at the graduation, in spite of their promises to be brief, talked our ears off and made the ceremony three hours instead of the scheduled two. Afterwards we all headed to Chuck-A-Rama for some grub. We got there an hour before closing time; they told us they would be putting the food away by 9:30 but we could stay until 10. It was a mad dash for all of us to get as many plates as possible over to our table full of anything and everything that we might want to taste before it got put away. Let's just say that night Tyler and I were so full we didn't even want to touch each other.

That weekend my cousin came home from his mission; he was serving in the Marshall Islands. When he and my sister, Aubrey, were little they looked exactly alike. I took a picture of them when he left and I took one of them when he got back. He was greatly missed and still just as funny as ever.

The weekend after was the tradition of all traditions in the Lynch family: father and sons. Every summer the boys go on a camping trip and the girls go on a shopping spree.

Earlier in the week I wasn't feeling well and I was experiencing similar symptoms to my kidney infection from  February of this year. I left work early and could barely drive. My mom got me into a doctor and they said that it had not yet become a kidney infection; I had caught it early. They gave me a three day antibiotic and sent me on my merry way.

Friday was the beginning of father and sons and also the last day of my antibiotic. I met Tyler's mom, Suzanne, and sister, Nicole, at the mall. We did some shopping and then went to Sizzler for dinner. At dinner I wasn't feeling too great, but I thought it may have just been because of the week I had had.

After dinner we went to Wal-Mart to get swimsuits for everyone for a family trip later in the month. While in the store I felt like the ultimate crap, I was pale and my kidney was killing me. Suzanne offered to take me to an insta-care, but we had no luck finding one open so late. Finally she told me that she was taking me to the ER again. I protested, but realized that was probably the best solution.

We got to the ER around midnight and it was almost an exact replica of the night I spent in the ER back in February. Suzanne and Nicole kept me company and offered to call Tyler, but I didn't want him to worry or come all the way down off the mountain for them to just say that yet again it was a kidney infection. They did do a CT scan this time and found that I had cyst on my kidney that was filled with debris which was why this infection would not go away. They told me to get into a urologist and wrote me some prescriptions. After a long night we went back to the Lynch home and fell dead asleep by 3 AM. Tyler had a great time camping, but was surprised to see the hospital bracelet I had forgotten to take off.

On Father's day, Nikki's little brother, Alex, had his farewell for his mission; he was called to serve in Chile. While we were at the house for some grub, Alex played us a little ditty on the accordion he had been borrowing from my Dad. I was going to take it back, so we all demanded a performance.

Also for Father's day we made these awesome cards that I saw on pinterest for our dads, only we modified them with nail polish. Hooray for veggie bow tie pasta.

The last week in June we all traveled down to Lake Powell for the Lynch Family Reunion. Tyler's family had never been to Lake Powell and I had only been there once just last year. We left on a Friday for the long drive down. Tyler and I sat in the back of the hot suburban while Kevin, Nicole and Peter sat in front. Kevin played Who Wants To Be A Millionaire on his Gameboy the whole way down. What a crack up.

Lake Powell was such a blast. We had a super swanky house boat, two speed boats and lots of fun. I didn't really get in the water, but it was fun to get to know the Lynch side, because I haven't really gotten to know them since being in the family.

One day we went out wakeboarding. I didn't get out on the water (no surprise there), but I did take TONS of shots of the Lynch men getting their water-gliding groove on.

from left to right: Tyler, Kevin, Jeff and Peter

It should be noted here that June was also filled with many birthdays: our niece Kylee on the 1st; my sister Tiffany on the 6th; Kevin's birthday on the 7th and our other niece Olivia on the 13th. Happy birthday one and all. We love you guys!

June was busy, but it was great! We each had fun getting to know our new families a bit better and, as always, just had a blast being with each other.