Frequently Asked Questions

What… What is this site?

Why, we’re glad you asked! Welcome! This is called a “blog,” which is a portmanteau of the words “web” and “log.” “Portmanteau” is a word which here means “mashing together of two other words into a cooler word.” Basically a blog is like an online diary or journal, but a public version to share with the world.

Uhh, I’m pretty sure everyone knows what a blog is. I meant, “what is this particular blog?”

Oh, of course. Sorry, try to be more specific. This blog is about the lives and times of us, Tyler and Brooke Lynch. You know, our adventures and whatnot. We were married in November of 2011 and we’d like to keep people up to date on what’s going on with our lives. Since we have so many friends and acquaintances, due to our immense popularity, it is practically impossible to apprise everyone in person. Also, we’re lazy, and this is easier, so we have created this blog to chronicle our happenings. It’s very win-win.

Wait a second, you say that you were married at the end of 2011, but there are tabs on this site that say “Photo A Day 2010” and “Photo A Day 2011.” What gives?

Tyler is fairly new to the world of “blogging,” as the kids say, but Brooke has been doing it since before it was cool. In 2010 and 2011, Brooke detailed her life in the form of these blogs, which she is modest about, but her husband thinks they are as creative as they are witty and interesting. (Several other people have also been known to hold this opinion.) The links have been posted here and can provide hours of entertainment, especially because the 2011 blog is a fun record of our courtship and engagement. So enjoy!

Wow, this sounds like the best thing I have ever heard. So what sorts of posts can I expect to see here?

Well, Brooke has resumed her Photo A Day posts since July 2012, so you can keep up with our literal day-to-day goings-on. In addition, we intend to post longer entries if there’s too much to recount through one photo and a short paragraph. But wait, there’s more! If you’re lucky, Tyler may even submit a post now and again, although it is not unlikely that this FAQ page will be one of his only contributions.

That seems like a shame, except not really, because I don’t even know who either of you are.

What are you doing here then? How did you even find this blog? Whatever, I’ll respond anyway, even though that technically wasn’t even a question. To get better acquainted with us, feel free to click here and learn more about us. Or, just read some posts. We’re really awesome, I promise.

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