Today I took work off and Tyler got his shift covered so that we could spend the day with this doting happy couple. I coughed all morning while we were getting ready and the whole way there, but luckily I didn't have any cough attacks in the sealing room. Outside of the temple was terribly cold, but Stephanie and Matt still looked amazing (reminding me of my own butt cold wedding day). We went to the luncheon at the Brick Oven where we sat with Becca and Mandy and had a grand ol' time. Tyler had to leave the luncheon early to go and take a final, so Becca gave me a ride home. Soon Tyler was home and we rallied the family members to try and find someone to come and take our Christmas card photo (yeah yeah, better late than never) because we are NEVER home at the same time during the day while the sun is still up. Luckily, Tyler's little brother, Peter, and his girlfriend were available to come and take our photo. We threw on some sweaters and a couple of scarves, stood next to our dumpster, and snapped a few here and there. We made it just in time; within minutes the sun was gone and it was time to drive to the reception. I got to see a lot of faces there that I haven't seen in a while. We also got to meet Mandy's boyfriend—I think they're going to get engaged soon. So exciting with all these weddings afoot!

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