We woke up to a blanket of snow this morning and it didn't really let up throughout the day. This was the state of my car when I finally left work late tonight. I got home knowing that Tyler had a group project get-together at the U. As I drove up to our apartment I saw his car piled with more snow than mine was in the above picture and decided to scrape it off before heading inside. I hoped this would help him not run any later than he would if he had to scrape it AND drive super slow in this weather. I got most of it, but I was too short to reach some of the roof snow. I was surprised that he hadn't left the house yet to find me outside, but thought that maybe the meeting had been cancelled and we could spend the evening together. I walked in to find Tyler not wanting to leave until I got home; we had a brief run-down of our day and then he was out with the wind to brave the cold and spend his evening doing other people's homework.

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