I was hoping I would get off early like I did on Christmas Eve, but alas, today was a full day. Tyler, however, had the day off, and boy did he run himself ragged getting the house all set up for the festivities tonight. He cleaned, did dishes, loaded laundry, went shopping, and set up the Wii U. In the early evening we headed to a co-ed baby shower/New Year’s party for Charlie and Jordan in Lehi, but we didn't stay. We felt cool because they were really disappointed that we weren't sticking around, as they were confident that we would be the life of the party as long as we were there. What a compliment! We left after a little bit, though, because we had made plans with Nikki and Spencer for that night. We drove back up to our apartment, where Nikki and Spencer met us. We had just begun to play our new Wii U when they arrived. We had a fun night, playing Nintendo Land and our new Food Fight card game, eating lots of snacks and finger foods. We had the traditional bubbly (although we were having too much fun and missed the actual strike of midnight) and stayed up WAY too late. Nikki and Spencer brought their air mattress and set it up in our living room, so we watched Best In Show, even though everyone but me fell asleep. So long 2013; I look forward to all that 2014 has to offer and I hope I can progress a lot this next year, physically, creatively, spiritually, and mentally.

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