This was a great day. In the morning we met up with Ali, Tyler's best friend from high school, because she was in town from California for the holidays with her boyfriend. Breakfast was had at the Blue Plate Diner in Sugarhouse; it was delicious, and it was crammed to the rafters in that place! We chatted and ate before they had to start the drive home. We ran a couple of errands on the way home to find a matching photo album to go with the wedding album I made for my mom; Aubrey's album had engagements and bridals and my mom wanted photos of mine too. While we were out, we hit about every mailbox in the valley to drop off our Christmas cards ten at a time. Tyler dropped me off at home before we could find a photo album at the two Targets by our house. He went to work and I searched the internet for an album nearby, finally finding one online at the Target in South Jordan, I sent the address to Tyler to swing by on his way home. Apparently this Target was way west and was some sort of crazy town. Since it took him so long, we decided over the phone he would pick up a lasagna so we could cook it quick once he was home. Apparently lasagna isn't so quick, even when you buy it pre-made—80 minutes?! Good thing Tyler got off at 6:00 tonight because we didn't actually end up eating until 9:00.

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