Tonight my Dad called me on my way home from work to tell me that my aunt Suzanne had sent him a message saying that my grandma was not doing well and that it was time to gather. He asked if I had time tonight to go down with him and I of course drove straight to my parents' house to ride down with him. Tyler was at work for the evening, but soon Aubrey and Jordan arrived and we made the drive down to Pleasant Grove. My grandma had been having trouble breathing all day and had been given morphine a short time before we arrived. Aubrey and I got to have a small chat with her—she told everyone in the room and those that she was put on the phone with to take care of their loved ones and not worry about the tangible things; "We cannot take them with us," she said. Slowly more and more people trickled in and slowly my grandma slipped further and further away. By the time all of her children had arrived (minus my aunt Karen, who had Skyped with her earlier because she is serving with her husband as a missionary in Madrid), my uncle Dale made the request that we all sing some Christmas carols to her—there was silent sobbing and constant tissue passing as my grandma steadily gasped for air. Soon it was past midnight and we decided to leave, but my dad stayed behind for a while longer. I am so grateful to have had such an amazing grandma who has shown us all how strong of a woman she is in the short time my grandpa has been gone. It broke my heart to see her this way, but we were all agreed, my grandma included, that she would be home for Christmas and would be spending it with her sweetheart.

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