My sisters and I had coordinated a meal plan among ourselves for the week they were here. Tyler and I were doing dinner today and we were spending it at my Grandma's house. We went to a short day at church (no Sunday School due to a broadcast to take place shortly after church ended) and then made our way to Pleasant Grove for visiting and grub. We made sunday chicken, rice, veggies, and my Grandma's very favorite chocolate chocolate chip cake (ironically, a recipe I got from her). She was so excited when we told her we had made it and took two leftover pieces for herself when the meal was finished! There was a bit of delay in preparing the meal and I definitely stressed myself out more than I needed to, but it was amazing to be in the presence of my grandma and my sisters at the same time—it has been forever since that happened. We drove home and put the kiddos to bed, then visited with the siblings late into the night.

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  1. I love all of you guys!... And Grandma looks awesome, I kinda want her skirt :)