Check this out. So the company I work for is going to launch an interchangeable and a non-interchangeable jewelry line next month and the product came in today. I was especially excited because the packaging was a collaborative effort between Sydney and me. She did most of the grunt work that comes with getting the files ready to be sent off, but I came up with the initial design. A black sleeve goes over the box with the company logo and a varnish with our tagline 'Endless Possibilities' printed on it. The box itself is white with silver printing and slides out to show the jewelry. I designed the pattern on the box and what a feat that was. It ended up being one of our clover symbols we use throughout the jewelry, duplicated and rotated on top of itself (it that makes any sense whatsoever). All in all I am very excited for this jewelry launch to be received by the public next month, and I came away with a terrific portfolio piece, no?


  1. Oh, fancy...

    Can't wait to be back in UT so I can mooch your discount...