Today was another stressful day at work, but thankfully it wasn't as bad as yesterday and it went by quickly. Once home, I got straight to work on cleaning the whole house in preparation for my sisters coming this week. Tiffany and Steve haven't even seen our apartment, so I went a bit crazy on the cleaning. You know when you're cleaning and one thing just leads to another and you never seem to finish what you were first working on? That happened to me: I cleaned the shelf above the range and knocked the box of matches off, which spilled under the coils of the range; I took the coils out to pick up the matches and decided to clean the coil trays; I lifted them out and decided to also clean under the range top. I don't think the shelf above the stove ever actually got cleaned now that I think about it... Next, I cleaned the sheets, the bathroom, and vacuumed the whole apartment (only after I had to snip all of the tangled hair from the vacuum brushes). I'll fold the laundry another day. (Nice photo bomb Tyler.)

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