We had plans to help out at Lynchland all we could today in preparation for Kevin's farewell tomorrow. We got there early in the morning and turned right around to run some errands at Sam's Club—just in time for morning samples. One of my very favorite samples was this table; from afar I told Tyler that those looked like apricots; he retorted saying that they were too dark to be apricots and were definitely plums. As we rounded the table we saw the sign reading 'Pluots;' that's right, a hybrid of the two. We could not stop laughing and I had to take a picture of what caused this hilarity. The rest of the day was spent in the Lynchland kitchen cooking up a storm with Suzanne and Nicole with the occasional help from Matt, Peter, and Kevin (Tyler had to go to work). Jeff was outside all day trimming, snipping, and clipping the yard, front and back, for the festivities tomorrow. After a long day of cooking everything under the sun in that little hot kitchen, we got out of the house for some well-deserved In-N-Out burger.

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