I met Suzanne and Nicole at the mall around 3:30 today for the annual Father & Son's weekend to commence. Father & Son's has been a tradition in the Lynch family for a long while that involves the men going on a campout for a weekend while the girls go shopping, have dinner and watch movies. We first went to Maurice's for clothes and then over to Schubach's to get Suzanne's wedding ring re-sized and mine cleaned. We then made our way to Forever Young and Payless for shoe shopping (these are the pairs that I came away with). Shopping at the mall was finished off with JCPenney, Bath & Body Works, Pretzel Time, Claire's, Tie One On and Forever 21. We then drove over to Old Navy for some white jean shopping for me (I don't normally wear white bottoms, but [no pun intended] they are needed for a family photo at the end of the month) and left with no luck. We went for dinner at Sizzler—another tradition—then to Wal-Mart and left with the most random things, one of them being a skein of yarn for our Summer of Sewing that we proclaimed we'd do starting in July. We then went our separate ways so I could go home and shower and pack for our little sleepover. I got to Lynchland around 1:30 am and we watched The Impossible (a VERY thrilling movie) and fell asleep.


  1. Love the shoes! Especially the mint ones. I think I need them :)

    1. Right?! I got them at Forever Young. They are so adorable!