Last night we worked late into the evening and finally got the first draft of the book done. We made a PDF of it and sent it off to my sisters to review it and make edits for the final approval, as the wedding is this weekend. We went to church and it was as hectic as ever with six new kids in nursery rounding us out to a lovely total of fifteen toddlers. After church, we made Father's Day cards with bow tie pasta and nail polish, just like last year. We made our way to Lynchland for cards and present opening and then made the trek to the Dredge grandparents in Orem. Suzanne's brother and his wife are in town staying with the grandparents and offered to have us over for ribs. After some cake and a surprising realization that Tyler's grandma is crazy good at watercolor/painting, we went to Provo to see the Picketts. Nikki has implemented a program called Dressing Your Truth into her life and offered to gift the course to me for my birthday. We visited a bit with them and then came home to get started on the final edits for the book. It is still inconclusive, but we may or may not have pulled an all-nighter.

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