Today was Tenant Appreciation Day at work, meaning that the owner of the business building bought everyone lunch. Joe Morley's came and catered all of their deliciousness: pulled pork sandwiches, potato salad, slaw, and the most amazing mud pie. I ended up working very late at work since it's catalogue season and the deadline has been bumped up because of our annual conference in July. I got home around eight; Tyler had spent the whole day on editing the book, all the way until May. The thing that took the longest was the recipes. Tyler had the actual book file opened on my computer on his lap and then the original Google document, as well as many of the recipes on their source websites, opened on his computer to his right. Then the notebook with the glued-in advice pieces and some recipe books on the the left. We first formatted the longest recipe and then made all the rest of them match that one. It took forever and we worked late into the night (but at least note that terrific T-shirt he is wearing gifted to him by his lovely wife).

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