We woke up early this morning for a final day of shooting in Torrey. Most of the shots were inside the lodge, making each one easy as pie compared to the outdoor ones of yesterday. Once it was a wrap, I made a mad dash home for Tyler's birthday celebration, and thankfully, the passengers in my car all agreed that we would not stop for dinner in a town mid-way home. I actually beat Tyler home since he was helping at a Young Men's activity per Peter's request, which couldn't have been planned better. Due to all the horse hair I brought home, I showered immediately since Tyler is deathly allergic and that would have been a disastrous birthday. Once he was home it was present-opening time: I skillfully packed all of his big presents into little boxes and his little presents into big boxes, and made them all shake-proof—no cheating! He opened a Community T-shirt and an 8-bit Nintendo controller T-shirt. Then Chips Ahoy! minis, the Nacho Libre DVD, and the All My Friends Are Still Dead book. Then there was the most prized possession of them all: PF Flyers. Tyler has been wanting purple Converse high tops for a long while now, but I found these that had the most perfect yellow trim on them and couldn't pass them up. I couldn't be more thrilled that it is Tyler's birthday; I am so happy that he was born. We talk about it all the time and wonder how we lived without each other. Tyler is my very best friend and I know life would be the pits without him.

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