Tonight Tyler and I had set aside time to help Aubrey stuff all of her wedding announcements and stamp the back of all of the envelopes. My mom and Aubrey have spent the last week addressing all of the envelopes by hand. A week later than our original timeline, we picked up the announcements from the printer. Tyler also picked up this stamp that I designed and then we all met up at my parents' house. We had quite the system going: Aubrey would stuff the envelopes, I would stamp them, and Tyler would walk the freshly-stamped envelope over to the window seat to dry. After the twentieth envelope, he would gather up ten and put them back into the box that Aubrey had taken them from. The announcements turned out for the most part; I am very happy with the printing of the white text on the front of the announcement, but I am very disappointed with the trim job on the back of the map. All in all, they are done and will soon be sent off. One more thing we are ALL glad to check off of our lists.

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