This morning, Tyler and I found the most perfect coffee table at the D.I. by our apartment to give to the Picketts for their combined birthday present. We made our way to Provo to give the most perfect gift of all after we switched our car for the Lynch Suburban. After giving them the coffee table of the year, we made our way to the University Mall in Orem, where both Tyler and I worked way back when. I bought him his very favorite chocolates at See's Candies (a very belated birthday present). We then were absolutely starving, but in an effort to keep up our no-eat-out-until-June (excluding birthdays of course) we drove home with grumpy minds and grumbling tummies. While trading the Suburban for our regular mode of transportation at Lynchland, they had just sat down to pizza—they offered some and of course we obliged with great gratefulness. We then made our way to my friend's launch party of a company she partly owns. (Isn't the branding/packaging amazing? She did it of course!) Inside and Out Cosmetics; they carry organic lipsticks and lip glosses and the colors are vibrant to boot! They're also pretty reasonably priced—I tried to not go too crazy, so I got a bright fuchsia and a bright red. They gave out Millcreek Cacao Roasters chocolate bars as a take-away gift. What a lovely Saturday.

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