After work Tyler and I had a date to get all sorts of stuffed in celebration of his birthday. We of course went to Olive Garden (his favorite) and went all out: drinks, breadsticks (probably refilled four times), Alfredo dipping sauce, appetizer of fried lasagna, soup, salad, and the main course. By the time we got to the main course, we were stuffed to the point of tugging at our buttons. We took one bite and decided we'd better not overdo it. Seeing how it was a birthday celebration, we had to order dessert. So in Tyler-and-Brooke-hilarious fashion, we ordered dessert and asked our waitress to box up all of our food in the same breath. It was so nice to finally sit and chat with my brand new 26-year-old husband—we haven't really had a chance to catch up since my trip last week. I am so very glad that Tyler was born, so that we, as best friends, could stuff our faces and still act like little kids in a candy store.

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