Today was probably the closest we've come to completely failing at life. We were doing fine and dandy all day, thinking we had everything under control; by mid-afternoon I took a nap and Tyler did some homework. I woke up at 5 p.m. in the kind of groggy state where you can't remember what day it is and if it's morning or evening. I then remembered, and blurted out for Tyler to hear in the other room, that we needed to be at the temple in thirty minutes. Tyler plum forgot and I don't know how I even remembered, but we dashed to get ready and barely made it by the skin of our teeth to the Draper Temple to celebrate Kevin receiving his endownment. After this snapshot, we all went to Olive Garden to feast and met Peter there. We still are in awe that we made it—we would have been devastated if we had missed it. Congrats Kevin! The day is drawing closer that this boy will leave us for the great state of Kentucky.

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