I gave my sisters the deadline of June 1 to have all of their advice done and ready to go for the book we're gifting to Aubrey and Jordan. Today, after church, Tyler and I were brainstorming ideas of what to title the book. Advice, it's to the point and I can see it being in small caps centered among a kaleidoscope of colors. The Know-It-All Book, (this one is my favorite) it's a bit snooty, but in a facetious way. Knowledge And Advice On Everything Under The Sun From Three Wise Sisters and Their Husbands, this one is pretty great too—I love a good long title—it's like a joke within a joke. I emailed my sisters to get their opinions. Sara had a great suggestion and I think it's the one that everyone is leaning towards: A Year's Worth of Sense. What do you think?

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