I was super nervous all day today, because this evening we went to dinner with Tyler's companion from Australia, who lives here, and their friend Shaunee, who is visiting all the way from Sydney. She has been in town and we have been excitedly waiting to get together with her while she is in the States. We talked of Australia for hours at the Buffalo Wild Wings down the street. Afterwards we drove Shaunee to her hotel downtown; on the drive we determined two things: how many Tim Tams we were allowed to take off her hands AND if her offer still stood to fly us to Australia.  The answer is: Shaunee is still just as awesome as everyone says she is, for she gave us every last morsel of the above Tim Tams and and and… drumroll please… HER OFFER STILL STANDS! She is going to pay our way all the way to Aussie land and back, not to mention she's going to let us use her car while we're there AND stay at her place. For goodness gracious sakes… are you excited? Because I know that we are!

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