Last night while eating floats, my brother-in-law, Steve, called us to see if we wanted to Skype to get more details on getting started on the advice book for Aubrey and Jordan. Unfortunately, we were tied up, so today we scheduled a Google Hangout while we all typed in the Google Doc (thanks Google for making this possible). We split it up into 10 categories: kitchen stuff and recipes, traditions, date ideas, general advice, cleaning ideas, trips/vacation advice, budgeting and money savers, husbands, things not to do/dos and don'ts, and spiritual stuff. Each person had a color: Tiffany had red text, Steve had black text highlighted red, Sara had black text highlighted yellow, Bob had lime green text, I had black text highlighted purple and Tyler had purple text. We all laughed while we drew a blank at how were going to accomplish 366 pieces of advice in such a short amount of time. We did the math and each couple has to come up with 122 bullets of advice spread among the 10 categories, but with as much or as little in each one. We gave everyone a deadline of Memorial Day to have all of their advice in and set. Ready, GO!

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