The evening was spent at Lynchland as we celebrated ol' Papa Lynch's big 5-1. As of late the laugh around the land has been a joke that he tells so well: "A bear walks into a bar, the bartender asks, 'What'll you have?' The bear says, 'I'll have.............a beer.' Bartender says, 'Why the big paws?' The bear says, 'I'M A BEAR!'" It's really quite comical, because I'm pretty sure the punch line is supposed to be 'Why the big paws?', but he tacked on the 'I'm a bear' (apparently because he forgot the … part) and we've been laughing ever since. So tonight, in classic Brooke-and-Tyler fashion, we made him a card that captures the joke of the moment (can't wait to see what joke next year's card will bring).

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