Tyler picked me up from work and we headed straight to Pleasant Grove for my grandpa's viewing. There was a steady flow of people young and old who had been greatly influenced by my grandpa. We sat on the sidelines as the line cleared for a bit. My grandma, who had been sitting in that wingback chair, stood up on her own, shuffled over to his side, touched his hand and then kissed his cheek. The room fell silent and almost all teared up. My grandparents had the most amazing marriage, they were rarely apart from each other, and now… she's all alone, without her constant companion. It breaks my heart. We visited here and there with all who attended and then left a tad early to drive to the airport to meet Sara and Charlie who flew in for the funeral. We brought Sara up to speed on the drive home with all that has happened in the last two weeks. All the photos and stories made us both choke up. We met up with everyone at Duncanville and visited deep into the night.

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