This morning we made our way to Lehi for Tyler's cousin's farewell. Arica is nineteen and has been antsy to get out into the field since she was in her early high school years. When the age for missionaries was recently lowered, she got her mission papers in right away. We are so proud and know that she is going to do some pretty tremendous things out there in California. In the late afternoon, Tyler's family was having a dinner with some neighbors, the Nelsons, and invited us over to join in for the festivities. It all started when Tyler's parents were talking to the Nelsons and it came up that Tyler's brother, Peter, had quite the temper as a child. (It's actually a fairly common topic of conversation with the Lynches; it made for some funny stories.) To Peter's credit, the Nelsons couldn't believe that such a well-mannered boy could have ever been so outrageous. They mentioned that their daughter had a similar temper, and asked Tyler's parents for some pointers on raising a hellion. They decided to make a dinner out of it. We ended up bringing dessert: all of the fixin's for root beer floats. The first float of summer… boy it's going to be a jam-packed one at that.

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