Even though this day was a blur and rushed past faster than a breath, I still remember every detail. I cried through the entire second viewing. I cried during the family prayer given by my very own father. I cried in that moment that my grandma caught the last glimpse of my grandpa as the lid to his beautiful solid oak casket (perfectly fit for my carpenter grandpa) closed. We all filed into the chapel and my grandpa's posterity filled the entire room: 9 children, their spouses, 61 grandchildren, 164 great-grandchildren and 4 great-great-grandchildren. The one wish my grandpa had was that he had a short funeral, and that he did. Even though it was under an hour, I heard so many new things about my grandpa, but the message always remained the same: my grandpa was a true disciple of Christ. We then walked to the grave site and all sang a song. I completely lost it again when I saw my grandma make her way to the casket to touch it one last time. We went back to the church for the feeding of the five thousand by the amazing offer given by my grandma's ward. Shortly after, Tyler and I made the trek to Provo to find a coffee table for the combining of Nikki and Spencer's birthdays. We didn't find one, but we still went to their apartment for some much needed Tim Tams. Back at Duncanville we visited with Sara late into the night, again, and even started a Google Doc for Aubrey and Jordan's advice book we plan to make for their wedding gift.

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