Day one of shooting; man I love a good photo shoot, ESPECIALLY when we are on location. This morning we had breakfast at the lodge where they passed out little lunch menus for you to circle your wants and they packed it up in a cute little paper sack. All of our shots today were outside, where the majority of the day the winds were 30 mph. Josphen was a master at the hair, redoing it after basically every shot, coating it in hairspray. The end of our day it was much calmer and the last four shots were taken with the ranch horse, Tiki. I held him still while the models were being switched out as well as moving him about to the different places in the field. My co-worker snapped this shot of me whilst leading ol' Tiki (he's twenty-eight-years-old you know) to another part of the fence.

Dinner tonight was probably the craziest experience of my life. It was a quaint little place up the road recommended by one of the lodge folk called The Patio - A Spaghetti Western Cafe (we were told they mainly served pizza). We walked in to a small room with what felt like six tables made from lawn furniture, with Christmas lights strewn from every corner (and in every corner), not to mention the numerous florescent lights and lamps, every one of which had some sort of colored film on the bulb. And the people: there was a one-man-band fiddler in the corner, three granola hippie women in another (one of them cradling a newborn), and right after we got there with our party of 15 a motorcycle gang of 20+ traipsed in and filled the rest of the room. It doesn't stop there, the motorcycle gang was from the south of Paris, France, here on a USA tour of national parks; even more random, both of our models spoke French and became quite chummy with the gang. It was definitely a night to remember.

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