Well this was an interestingly stressful day. As a result of my creative director being far far away on the plains of Europe, I was put in charge of managing a photo shoot today for work. Uh, yeah, hard to believe that I, Brooke Lynch could pull off such a thing. We had a VERY late start due to our not-so-punctual film company, but I did it. It was quite stressful in the beginning, but with the help of our amazing photographer and my tremendously proactive co-workers on set, it came together. Recognize this lady model from our shoot today? Why yes, she is the famous Jack-Weyland-novel-to-movie actress who played Charly. And yes, she is still just as stunning as ever… even in person. (She touched my laptop!) After the shoot Sydney came to my house and we went crazy on the interwebs setting up this and that for our future businesses (separate businesses—we're not going into business together, yet).

Another thing to note tonight… my sister's father-in-law passed away last night from Lou Gehrig Disease. My mom texted me the news tonight; my sister and her family will be making their way out here for the funeral this weekend. Sad evening.

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