Tyler and I made our way to the temple this morning for our monthly attendance. We decided to do initiatory ordinances and boy was I a mess. I basically cried the whole time, thinking of how my grandpa was finally pain-free and reunited with his family again, thinking of how alone my grandma must feel and thinking of how grateful I am for the gospel of Jesus Christ. Afterwards, we met up with Tyler's friend Bryan at IKEA for some bed shopping. Apparently, today only they were offering free meals at the cafe with a purchase of $150 or more—good thing Bryan needed a bed instead of a cutting board. After trying all of the beds and finding the perfect fit, we made our way to the cafe to try all of the food… seriously ALL of the food was sampled, as it was free. We parted ways with our purchases and full tummies thanks to IKEA. Tyler went into work for a bit while I went to my parents' house to wrap his birthday presents I've been keeping there. Tyler met me there later, soon after my dad had come home from my grandma's house. He stood in the kitchen and told us the tales of the last twenty-four hours: my grandpa passed away in the company of all nine of his children, some grandchildren and my lovely grandma; my grandma was exhausted, but didn't want to go to sleep because she didn't want to miss him passing; she told him over and over before and after his passing, 'Don't forget to come back to get me soon, like you promised.' My dad and his siblings agreed and asked me this evening to design the funeral program; I am honored.

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