Did you know that we love cookies to the moon and back? It's true! I 'liked' cookies before I dated Tyler, but once you're in his family, you're bound to become a cookie fanatic. My cousin made a plea on Facebook calling all cookie lovers to buy cookie dough from her daughter for a fundraiser (the children that sold enough dough got a lunch in a limo—she won… probably because of us). We bought two boxes and intended on saving them for this summer when I would be off this diet. Due to the unforeseen stressful week and such, we decided to break them out tonight. Oh. My. Goodness. They are delicious! I even went as far as saying that these taste better than the Girl Scout cookies we got last month. Moral of the story: we're going broke and getting fat due to cookies AND we're suckers for anyone fundraising with dough filled with chocolate chips. The End.

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