After a long week of photo shoot prep and actual shooting, today was pretty chill. There was an employee sale at work today and I may have gone just a tad bit crazy purchasing shells for Mother's Day, birthdays and myself (unfortunately, all that is pictured above is just for me—I may have a problem). Earlier this week I saw an ad on a blog that I follow requesting some design interns to join forces with her. I decided this week that I am going to go for it—what can it hurt? Especially because it is super flexible and can be just once a week if it works out that way. I am excited to have a bit more of a hands-on creative outlet (I can't believe how much I've missed it; that backdrop served more purposes than one for sure). I've been gathering portfolio pieces all week and trying to get a basic branding down for my future business. I can't believe how much my portfolio has grown just from working at Miche, and hopefully through this design internship, even more.

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