This is my wonderfully caring, incredibly selfless, extremely smart, stunningly handsome husband. Did you know that this guy is taking two Chemistry classes and two Chemistry labs (each of which has two different components), as well as a Nutrition class (phew)? Then let's add the billions of work hours he does in a week on top of that (okay, like 30—but still). We hardly see each other, but when we do, he constantly makes sure I am taken care of, even when I don't need a thing. Today he took a test—a gnarly one at that—and passed it with flying colors. I couldn't have more love and adoration for this man; I beam with glee that he is mine and I can't help but shout it to the world. He is even kind enough to let me take his picture (up close and personal) and post it here while I spout about his loveliness.

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