I felt well enough to go into work, only to receive a disconcerting text from Tyler in the early afternoon. Through a series of unfortunate events, our prospective new job fell through. Tyler told me the news today and we both had mixed feelings. After work I called him and we talked it out; it's probably for the best. It was a good opportunity, but without it, the pace of our lives will be much more manageable. Before going home, I stopped off at my parents' house to check on all of the presents I've been having delivered there for Tyler's upcoming birthday (it's on May 1, but I want to be extra prepared this year). I opened every package to make sure only the best had been sent for my man. I then came home to him and we took a long walk to talk out our next step together. Even though this job fell through, we really feel like it's the right thing. Now that it's out of the picture it was back to the drawing board on what needs to be done next; I can't wait to continue to build my life with this guy. Man, did I score, or what?!

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