Tyler and I both had nightmares last night and work was equally unpleasant. We got home to each other and decided to make our way to our favorite restaurant: Applebee's. We had a gift card, and since we've had such great luck before, we knew it would be a meal to remember. We were greeted by a strapping young lad and an even more dapper server. We asked for drinks and he obliged to our request. Next came the appetizers; they made the appropriate changes so that we could have the starters we wanted. Then came our piping hot entrees; my fries were perfectly cooked and Tyler's garlic mashed potatoes could not be beat. The check was had and we left feeling satisfied and knew we would be back in the near future. The end.

APRIL FOOLS! Everything but the first sentence is a lie: our greeter was scary looking; our server would not budge for any of our requests; they only carried Pepsi products; they wouldn't switch out sliders for onion rings; my fries tasted like cardboard; and Tyler's potatoes were watery. We're being a little dramatic and I guess it wasn't that bad, but if we hadn't had a gift card we certainly would have gone somewhere else—the end.

Side Note: We're scheduled to meet with Tyler's aunt and uncle on Thursday to hash out all of the details of our soon to be new job. WOOT!

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