Last night I packed my bags in preparation for a photo shoot trip today. I still had to go into work (and in an effort to remember everything I forgot the Google map I printed out) and get things done there before the big road trip. We started packing up my car around 3:30 (that's when I saw that my sweet best friend of a husband had driven my Google map out to me and left it in my car, along with a surprise note and box of Raisinets for the drive; sigh, love) with all of my passenger's things: Ashley, wardrobe and handbag stylist, Josphen, hair stylist extrodinare, and Dawn, the make-up genius. The drive to Torrey, UT was long, but scenic. When we arrived, it was quite picturesque: green fields for days filled with buffalo, surrounded by giant red cliffs, with a cluster of trees right smack in the middle. In the cluster of trees was The Lodge at Red River Ranch—our destination and accommodation. After getting settled, in we traveled up the road 'into town' to Cafe Diablo where I had the most amazing dish ever. Picture a sweet potato puree with perfectly placed beef tenderloin medallions topped with mango salsa housed under a tent of four cilantro waffle triangles. So many flavors that surprisingly made my mouth dance. Tomorrow we start shooting, and I cannot wait.

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