This morning was Aubrey's bridal shower with the Duncan side of the family. My Aunt Raeleen hosted this lovely affair at my Grandma's house down in Utah County. There were lovely little treats and visiting. After some time she offered up this game of making a wedding dress out of napkins. Well the Duncan side is full of crafty, sewing women, so it is no surprise that this was the end result. My Grandma even helped, going into great detail making the rosettes along the back and contributing to the tiers of ruffles for the skirt. Also, that veil… isn't really a veil. Nikki and I just kept building up her "poofy" sleeves until they met in the middle in an arch above her head. There is also one pocket just to the right of her hand—one of my very favorite parts. In the evening Tyler and I worked more on the book, but took a break to take my dad out to eat for Father's Day (I think I want to make that a tradition). We got back to our apartment and my dad offered to take us both for a sweet ride in his little Pontiac Solstice, a fun way to end the night.

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