Have you ever seen this movie? I was introduced to it quite a bit ago by my brother-in-law Steve. It is hilarious and has become one of my very favorites. Tyler has been waiting to watch this with both Steve and Bob, but chances of all three of them being in the same room has been next to impossible since we've met. We meant to do it back when Tyler and I were wed, but we were busy non-stop until they were out of town and back to their homes. In fact, the last time I saw this myself was the summer before I got married and my whole family was together for a short week in Maryland. Tonight, finally, it happened! The boys all sat on the couch and together they watched this comedy of all comedies, which did not disappoint. While they sat on the couch, the girls sat at the counter planning out fun crafts and ideas that we want to and hope to achieve (since we've made a whole book, we hope to do more). Tonight was our last night with the Riches and Cramers, for the Riches are driving back to California in the morning and the Cramers are driving to Las Vegas for a mini-trip before they come back for the 4th of July.

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