The very last Duncan girl was wed today; it's the end of an era. The day was tiring, tearful, amazing and happy. In the sealing room we all were in tears, as it was originally planned that my grandpa would seal these two lovebirds. The replacement sealer so tenderly pointed out my grandpa's presence there; my sweet grandma didn't want to leave when it was over. We took photos outside and then ran errands (one of them being pretzel bites from the mall—a lovely tradition we started on our own wedding day) between the morning at the temple and afternoon luncheon. They had a small program at the luncheon that ended with Aubrey surprising my dad with the sweetest ever daddy-daughter dance to 'Aubrey Was Her Name.' We got ready at Duncanville before the reception and had some last minute snags that Tyler and I tried to smooth over before it started. We took pictures at the reception center and then it began. My cousin Danny made a terrific cake and Tyler's family was so gracious to help with the waffle line, the elevators, the presents and such. We got to see and visit with so many supportive people there for these two lovely little kids. Aubrey looked stunning in her princess gown and Jordan was as dapper as ever. Good luck kids, we love you.

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