We woke up just before noon and went to eat lunch at Costa Vida. Afterwards we went to Gordman's where we all tried on dresses just right there in the middle of the store. (I was trying one on and ended up pulling it up and over my head with my shirt on. OF COURSE! Luckily Suzanne came to my rescue before I flashed the whole store.) We then went to Quilted Bear to buy ties for all of the guys (another part of the Father & Son's tradition—we buy stuff for them and us). While we there we surprisingly found some cute scarves and bought some for us. I also surprisingly found a new phone cover; I've been looking high and low for one, on the internet and not, and have had no luck. Way to go Quilted Bear! We then went to Target where I found two dresses and a jacket on the clearance rack. I also found probably the best wedge sneaker I've ever seen that I later told Tyler would make the perfect birthday present (wink, wink). We went back to Lynchland to find the boys and gave them their gifts: ties for the boys, scarves for the girls, and monogrammed tumblers for everybody. We then ended the night with dinner where we filled each other in on our adventures.

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